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Roaming Thoughts

My love for the romance genre spans beyond simply reading + reviewing these delicious books. I am constantly finding ways to sneak it into conversations, thinking up different “what if” scenarios after I finish I book and comparing things that happen to me to scenes in a romantic best-seller. Does this make me obsessed? Yep. A bit cuckoo? Probably! For all my fellow romance lovers, here’s proof that you’re not alone in your obsession. And for the rest of you, have fun roaming through my romantic thoughts & ramblings…

12.19.12 Decking the Halls with Holiday Reads Books to get you in the Christmas spirit

11.21.12 Listen While You Eat Audiobooks are the perfect Thanksgiving feast companion

11.21.12 Giving Thanks What I’m thankful for this year

11.19.12 Tasty Romance Tidbits Short stories for your lunch hour

11.18.12 Matchmakers: Romance’s Cupid Bringing H/h together, one match at a time

08.09.12 A Bibliophile’s Holiday How I’m celebrating Book Lovers Day

07.06.12 The Writer’s Life: Animated A comical peek into the life of an author

05.18.12 Roaming Around the Web The first installment of romance/bookish linkfests

03.12.12 Bookish Books for Bookworms Books about books, what more could you want?

01.13.12 Diving Head-First into 2012 First post of the new year!

10.24.11 Reading is Sexy Why you should date a girl who reads

10.18.11 Knit One, Read One Combining books and yarn to create an HEA

10.10.11 Discover a New Book in Honor of Columbus 15th-century historical romances

09.13.11 And the Winner Is… Romance genre superlatives

09.07.11 Romantic (and Real?) Gestures Do people actually growl (+ other gestures)?

08.23.11 A/S/L? Putting the “O” in online messaging

08.16.11 Extras! Extras! Read All About ‘Em! Series supplements that enhance the story

08.01.11 Happy Blazin’ Birthday Harlequin Blaze celebrates 10 years

07.22.11 The Harlequin “Treasury” Chest NetGalley adds Harlequin oldies-but-goodies

07.15.11 Back to Life, Back to Reality The grass is always greener while on vacation

06.28.11 Calling All Category Connoiseurs! Ask the Authors Q&A at Romance U

06.21.11 Summer Solstice Series Books for every type of summer vacay

06.16.11 What’s Your POV Preference? Take the poll!

06.06.11 Let Them Eat Cake! A Food Network Challenge

05.29.11 Life Imitating Art in the world of romance

05.20.11 You Say Love, I Say Amor Romance books… en español

05.19.11 Snacks for All Occasions Which snacks go with which genre?

05.14.11 Computer Love Online reads and excerpt emails

05.03.11 Hitchcock and Cookies Macadamia nut cookies and a TBR cozy mystery

05.01.11 I Can’t Be the Only One… Can I? Do heroines have phobias?

04.25.11 Royal Fashionistas Kate Middleton and her royal sense of style

04.19.11 From the Big Screen to Small Pages Movie-to-book adaptations

04.14.11 I’ve Found Heaven… And it’s called the Book Nook

04.11.11 (Stray) Puppy Love Stray dogs in romances

04.10.11 Where Everybody Knows Your Name Ideal fictional small towns

04.07.11 Truly, Madly in Love The ‘Book That Started It All’

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