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My first brush with romance came in the form of a yard sale, where, amongst the mismatched china and toddler toys, my teenage self stumbled across a stack of books with sassy titles and bright, sexy covers. The bibliophile in me was curious, and I thumbed through their pages, intrigued. Sex? Check. Witty banter? Check. Cheeky women and hot guys? Yep. I was sold!

Almost ten years later and I’m still drawn to those sassy titles and sexy covers. Though one thing has changed — thanks to good old technology, and a glorious concept called e-readers, I can (and do) now carry my personal romance library with me wherever I go!

The world of romance is expansive, and while roaming through it can be heart-warming and addictive, it can also be pretty overwhelming (as someone who is the most indecisive person you will ever meet, trust me on this). That being said, Roaming through Romance is my collection of reviews, ramblings and anything else romance-related. Join me as I manage to roam through a world of happily-ever-afters.

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  1. May 18, 2012 3:38 PM


    May I send you a copy of my book for possible review?

    Sebastian Cole

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