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Black Knight in Shining Armor

August 2, 2012

Sometimes, when I’m in between books, I find myself at a crossroad over which of my TBRs I want to dive into first. Usually the problem stems from not being able to decide which hero trope I want to indulge in first. Sexy cowboy? Sensitive doctor? Bad boy-turned do-gooder? Grumpy recluse with a heart of gold? You may as well ask a kid in a candy store to only pick one piece of candy. Impossible!

This time around, I struck gold with a hero twofer in debut author Julie Ann Walker’s Hell on Wheels. Not only is our hero a leather-clad biker (with a kick-ass set of wheels), but he’s also part of a secret elite team of Special Ops. In addition to dodging bullets and zooming down the highway, Nate’s holding on to a secret that could make or break his relationship with heroine Ali.

Hell on Wheels is the first book in Walker’s Black Knights Inc. series and comes out later this week. You can find my review on RT’s website or in the August issue.

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