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Hot Temps, Hotter Reads

June 25, 2012

We’re smack dab in the throes of summer, which means temperatures are creeping up faster than kudzu. Whether you’re lying on a sunny beach or on the couch in front of the AC, it’s never too hot to lose yourself in a spicy book–and it doesn’t get any spicier than Western Ties, penned by erotica duo Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon. The fourth book in the Compass Brothers series, believe me when I say this one is sure to melt your ice cream cone!

SYNOPSIS: Leah Hollister leads a hum-drum, strictly vanilla life. Kindergarten teacher, small-town native, practically a virgin. Looking to spice things up, Leah travels to LA to indulge her inner bad girl by spending the weekend at a BDSM party. What better place to let loose than a thousand miles from home? Imagine her surprise when the first person she meets at the party is Sawyer Compton, a childhood friend from her hometown. Leah is beyond mortified, but determined to go through with her weekend experiment anyway. Little does she know, Sawyer has plans of his own–one of which includes staking claim on Leah…

When Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon get together, the product is hot with a capital “H”! This was my first foray into the Compass Brothers series, and after reading Western Ties, I am now officially hooked (with a capital “H”, of course). The story is a kinky twist to the friends-to-lovers trope, with extra helpings of kink. Leah may be inexperienced, but she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it, which I highly admired. As for Sawyer, he most definitely knows how to take charge in the bedroom (as well as other places. *wink*). After all, he is part of the notorious Compton brothers clan.

In addition to the relationship between Leah and Sawyer, family plays a huge role in the story. The relationship between Saywer and his brothers are both admirable and multi-faceted, and this time around the Comptons’ face a huge struggle–one that will have you surrounded by wads of tear-stained, balled-up tissues.

*Click here to read my review and view my star rating on Goodreads.


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