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August 23, 2011

Growing up in age of computers, I can remember first-hand what the early versions of email, chat, and instant messaging were like. Back then, chat rooms were all the rage, and instead of “LOL”, “A/S/L” was the most popular online lingo (which, by the way, stands for “age, sex, location”). There’s just something about the thrill of instant gratification and having the world at your fingertips that makes online communication so enticing.

For that reason, “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my all-time favorite movies. From Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s hilarious banter to the alluring New York City setting, I could literally watch this movie every single day. It also goes without saying that one of the things I love most about the movie is the couple’s relationship via online correspondence. Their cleverly crafted emails have me longing for the days I used to log onto AOL and anxiously hold my breath while hoping to hear those exciting three little words — You’ve got mail! Ah, good times… It was just like playing the lottery and waiting to hear if you have the winning combination.

Writing letters is nothing new when it comes to reaching out to your betrothed (from Shakespeare to Keats, all the greats did it at one point), but nowadays, in the era of technology, things are done a bit differently; instead of waiting weeks (or months) for a reply, answers come mere seconds later. It’s a great thing, especially if you’re the antsy, impatient type.

For those of us who are neck-deep in things like g-chat, email and other instant messaging services, and are looking for a little spice in life, I suggesting checking out Lori Borrill’s Private Confessions. Though the hero and heroine have a salacious online relationship, neither realize that they’re actually co-workers… at first. Eventually the curtain comes up on their digital affair and they decide to see how well their chemistry translates to real life — and boy, does it!

If you’re looking for more racy reads with online themes, then be sure to also pick up Isabel Sharpe’s Checking E-Males miniseries (which includes Hot to the Touch and Long Slow Burn). Each of the Blaze titles deal with some sort of online-related theme, from dating sites to risqué emails, and they are all hot with a capital “H”!

ROAMING QUESTION: Do you use instant messaging? Have you ever had an online relationship… or fantasized about one?


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