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Hands-On Romance

May 30, 2011

If you’re like me, trips to the doctor are not an enjoyable experience. From the anxiety-inducing wait, to the cold waiting rooms, to the sky-high medical bill, doctors’ offices always leave me feeling sick to the stomach — figuratively speaking, of course. But what if those typical visits to the doctor didn’t have to be so… cold and insensitive? What if, instead of apathetic hands, you were greeted with warm smiles and compassion? Instead of pills and prescriptions, meditation and fruits and veggies? That’s what the heroine in In Good Hands by Kathy Lyons, believes. And I have to say, after reading this book, I’ve given some serious thought to replacing my asprin with yoga. I mean hey, if it’s good enough for a hunky businessman, it’s gotta be good enough for me!

SYNOPSIS: When Amber Smithson left her prestigious medical job to become a homeopathic doctor, she never thought one of her patients would be as sexy as businessman Rodger Martell. But when a daring bet leads to a steamy hook-up between the two in an elevator, Amber quickly jumps at the chance to be Rodger’s doctor.

Between high blood pressure and a severely stressful job, Rodger’s health is hanging on by a thread. His physician orders him to take a two week vacation, and Rodger is not too thrilled with the idea — until he meets Amber. The doc is not only smokin’ hot, but she also says she can help fix Rodger’s condition if he agrees to spend the next two weeks with her. Sounds like a no-brainer! While the couple work on lowering Rodger’s blood pressure, the chemistry between them sky-rockets. However, can Rodger and Amber’s attraction to each other withstand the major differences between them?

Let me start off by saying that this book begins with a bang! Amber and Rodger are thrown together almost immediately and their chemistry is apparent from the get-go. Since Blaze titles are not very long, the fact that the plot cuts to the chase and quickly dives into the action is much appreciated.

While it’s easy to write Rodger off as a typical suit-and-tie businessman, he overcomes the stereotypes with his sensitive nature and, ahem, sexual prowess. Don’t let his compassion fool you, though; he definitely uses his dominating Alpha male side when necessary. As for Amber, she’s an alternative medicine doctor bent on saving the world one raw food meal at a time. I really enjoyed Amber’s character because she is so multi-faceted. She seamlessly transforms herself from hippie to power suit to doctor and back again, all without breaking a sweat. The conflict between the couple is as realistic as the bedroom scenes (which don’t always take place in the bedroom), making both equally enjoyable to read.

In Good Hands is a roll-in-the-hay good time that any romance reader will definitely want to get their hands on!

*Click here to read my review and view my star rating on Goodreads.

**I won a free copy of In Good Hands through an online contest.

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  1. June 2, 2011 5:34 PM

    Lol I love how we had completely different reactions to this book! For some reason I found her too pushy and a little over-the-top for me…I LOVED the first few scenes though! Great character development and super steamy. I don’t know–I just felt that the premise was too “organic” for me–poor man just wanted a steak

    • June 2, 2011 6:16 PM

      I totally understand the “too organic” thoughts you had — as someone who prefers steak over raw goop, I related more to the hero than the heroine too. Also, I agree was a bit over the top. Guess I just saw this book as a “glass half full” instead of half empty 🙂

  2. dogsear permalink
    June 2, 2011 6:37 PM

    Why do I feel like she didn’t help his high-blood pressure whatsoever? I think I’ll pass on this one. I still have Shiver by Jo Leigh (an earlier review of yours) on my Amazon wish list. I’ll get to it soon!

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