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You Say Love, I Say Amor

May 20, 2011

Lately I’ve been suffering from a bad case of wanderlust. I blame the monotony of recent days, but whatever the reason may be, the empty suitcases in my closet have been calling my name. Truthfully, I could probably cure this traveling itch by taking a day trip somewhere 2-4 hours away (close enough to drive, yet far enough that I still feel like I’m out of town), but why settle for realistic when I could instead dream bigger? How much bigger? Oh, about 4,000 miles bigger… to Spain!

My first trip to Spain was in 2007 around this time of year (talk about kismet!). I went for a 6-week study abroad with my college for a Visually Storytelling and Newspaper Design class. It was one of THE best experiences of my life! I’ve been to other Spanish countries before (Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay), but Spain was — and still is — my favorite country to date. The food, the history, the buildings… ah! Just thinking about it now is making me wistful.

Since a trip to España isn’t in the cards (at least not in the near future), I’ve decided to settle for the next best thing: libros de romance en español — romance books in Spanish! Currently, Harlequin offers two Spanish lines: Harlequin Deseo (equivalent to the Desire line) and Harlequin Bianca (the Spanish version of Harlequin Presents). And, coincidentally, there was a post today on the Harlequin Presents blog announcing that their Spanish books are now available for ebook download! I’m especially excited about this not only because it means being able to brush up on my literatura española, but also because it means easier access. Before this, finding Spanish romances in general — not just Harlequins — was always difficult; the selection was either nonexistent or extremely skimpy. But now I have acceso through my kindle!

As for what to read first, I’m not even sure where to start — Do I want to explore what happens Del despacho al dormitorio (English title: From the Office to the Bedroom)? or do I want to find out what it’s like Como la primera vez (English title: Like the First Time)? Whichever I choose, I know I’ll still get a happily-ever-after… or should I say, felices para siempre.


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