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I Can’t Be the Only One… Can I?

May 1, 2011

I recently bought a new patio set and decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather by working outside for the day. The conditions were ideal — fluffy clouds, sunny, warm yet breezy… Perfect. Talk about productivity! I got so much done; it was honestly one of the best work sessions I’ve had in a while.

Hours later, I was still in the “zone.” That is, until a giant hornet decided to grace me with its presence. I literally almost broke my neck trying to run inside to get away from it! I know what you’re thinking — “If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.” Well, you know what say to that? Bullcrap! There was no way in hell I was going to take a chance by staying out there. Believe me when I say this guy was on a furious vendetta.

Luckily, I managed to make it inside the house and close the door behind me while still in one piece. Minutes later, as I waited for the coast to clear, I tried to relax by thinking happy thoughts: romance novels. I began by contemplating my current read, Random Acts of Fashion, but my mind soon wandered to heroines and insects; which made me realize that I’ve never read a book where the heroine was deathly afraid of, or scared off by small creatures (i.e., bugs, insects, rodents, etc.).

I know heroines are supposed to be strong, independent, blah blah blah (and I do consider myself the leading lady of my own personal rom-com). But seriously — I can’t be the only one so afraid of bugs that she’d trample over her own dog to escape… Can I?

So I took to the streets Google. I typed in a few key words — phobias, insects, romance genre — but my search came up empty. Then, I turned to the romance reader’s handbook, aka Romance Wiki. Still, nothing. I’ve come across my fair share of heroines with issues, but never any who have phobias, let alone are afraid of bugs.

So, I turn to you, vast online world of romance readers & writers —

ROAMING QUESTION: Have you ever come across a book where the heroine (or hero — we don’t discriminate!) is afraid of bugs/mice/etc. or has a phobia? When it comes to insects and/or small creatures, are you deathly afraid of them like me, or are you laughing at my pathetic reaction? Don’t worry, I can handle the truth! 🙂

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