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I’ve Moved!

January 4, 2013

Happy New Year! I’m starting 2013 with new goals, new resolutions and… a new site! Roaming through Romance is now a .COM and can be found at:


I’ll be keeping this WordPress version live for a few months to redirect people to the new site, then I’ll be retiring it for greener pastures. Don’t worry, though — all my past posts, tags, images, and comments have been transferred to the new site, so you can still roam through the archives at your heart’s content.

To get you started, feel free to check out my latest post on the site, which talks about my bookish goals and what I have planned for 2013, aka The Year of the Bibiophile. Here’s to a new year, my friends, filled with lots of bookish pleasures!

pink hearts


My Bookish Year in Review

December 28, 2012

My 2012 Bookish Review!

‘Tis the Season for… Cowboys!

December 20, 2012

cowboy boot + hatWhen the weather outside is frightful, or you just want a reason to snuggle up indoors, nothing will warm you up quicker than a strong, hot-blooded man. More specifically, a cowboy. There’s just something so rugged and masculine about them that makes it easy for a gal to want to get wrapped up in their lasso. Amirite??

If you’re a cowboy-lovin’ lady looking to live out your fantasies between fictional pages, I recommend checking out Carolyn Brown’s holiday release, Mistletoe Cowboy. This book has all the trimmings needed to make your Christmas cowboy vision complete: a snow-covered ranch, a spitfire heroine, a duo of strays (squee!) and lots and lots of mistletoe that seems to show up at the best (and worst) time. Paired with a pair of fuzzy socks and a giant mug of cocoa (with extra marshmallows, of course), and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed good time!

Mistletoe Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Deck the Halls with Holiday Reads

December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree CartoonLess than a week until Christmas and I don’t know about you, but I’m giddy with holiday spirit! Between classic Christmas songs (anything by ‘Ol Blue Eyes Sinatra) and movies (“Love Actually” is my personal favorite), and a sense of overall public merriment, I’m wrapped up tight in a blanket of holiday warm ‘n fuzzies. This feeling only comes once a year so may as well soak it up like an apple cider-loving sponge is what I say.

It’s easy to get into the Christmas spirit, what with reindeer figurines sprinkled on lawns and colorful, blinking lights strung up everywhere. However, my favorite way to get excited about the holidays is curling up with a holiday-themed book and a big mug of hot chocolate topped with extra whipped cream. It’s a bit on the nose, I admit, but what can I say — I’m easy to please. Between the guaranteed happily-ever-afters and slightly fantastic miracles that tug on your heartstrings, it’s easy to get swept up in holiday cheer after reading a good Christmas story.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of holiday reads out there to get your fix. In fact, I went on a downloading binge spree a couple of weeks ago and ended up with over a dozen Christmas stories to help get me in the mood for Santa’s arrival. And, since it is the season for giving, it would only make sense that I share the wealth with you, dear readers, in case you were on the hunt for some Christmasy short stories for yourself. Go forth and download and enjoy this mini reads. I guarantee you’ll come up feeling just a bit more jolly and a lot less Scrooge afterward!

'Tis the season for Christmas stories!

  • Four for Christmas $2.99
  • Save Me, Santa (anthology) $2.99
  • Mistletoe Mischief *free
  • Gnome for the Holidays *free
  • A Wizard for Christmas $0.99
  • There’s a Dead Elf in Santa’s Workshop $0.99
  • Be Mine for Christmas $0.99
  • Loveable Christmas Angel $0.99
  • Blue Christmas $0.99
  • Dirty Little Christmas $0.99

ROAMING QUESTION: What’s your favorite holiday movie/song/book? Do you have any special rituals to get you in the Christmas spirit?

*prices based on Amazon Kindle store and are subject to change

Listen While You Eat

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, guys ‘n gals! Hope your day is filled with healthy portions of food, family and good fortune. I’ll keep this post brief, since today is about family, but I wanted to share a quick tidbit of advice before diving fork-first into my mom’s famous sweet potatoes.

Picture this: First round of dinner is over and it’s time to break before dessert. The football fans in your family have all gathered around the TV to watch the game and there’s a content, lazy smile on your face. You’re waiting to digest (hence the unbuttoned top button of your jeans) and decided to pass the time by cracking open the book you stashed in your bag, but you know that as soon as you turn the page, you’ll be out quicker than a cracked light bulb.

One word: audiobook. Today is the perfect time to fulfill your bookish needs audibly. It’s the perfect solution if you think about it. You can kick back on the couch, let your eyes drift close, and still continue to read along! Plus, it tunes out the sounds of  family members’ whooping and hollering at the TV (football fans, I tell ya!) and there’s no need to worry about inadvertently reading the same sentence over and over because you keep looking up to make sure no one’s snuck a taste of the pumpkin pie.

If you’re on board with this idea (And why wouldn’t you be? It’s genius!) but don’t have any audiobooks on hand, don’t fret! Despite the holiday, it’s not too late to pick out your choice of audiobooks. Here are a few sites that offer instant audiobook downloads:

I’ve already scoured the sites and am down to six choices (I know, I know — I’m terrible at choosing), so I’m all set! Now, my bookish friends, it’s your turn. So while last-minute preparations are being made and there’s a lull in family obligations, hop on the net and search for your perfect Thanksgiving read (listen?). Enjoy!

ROAMING QUESTION: Which Thanksgiving dish will you be going back for seconds?

Giving Thanks

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! The holiday wouldn’t be complete without taking a moment to reflect on all the things I’m grateful for this year. Before I begin prepping for tomorrow and tackling recipes in the kitchen, I thought I’d pop in to list a few things that I am blessed to have in my life. Here we go:

  1. My health, of course. From minor surgery to pulled muscles caused by athletic activities (soccer, running, etc.), I’m thankful to my body for being able to keep up and pull through when I needed it most.
  2. Used bookstores and libraries have kept my bookish addiction afloat during the past year of serious penny-pinching. Thanks to my local library and used bookstore, I was still able to get my fiction fix for cheap and/or free.
  3. The beau and I have been together for a long while and I am still as head over heels for him now as I was on Day One. As cheesy as it sounds, he is my rock (go on, it’s okay to roll your eyes) and most definitely my best friend and biggest supporter. He is the only one who can keep my flailing Kermit arms in check!
  4. My month-long trip to Guatemala is an experience I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life. Not only was I able to experience new things, but I also had the chance to meet amazing people while relishing in breathtaking views and different cultures. Oh, and the food — I still salivate when thinking of it!
  5. Bailey, my wily little pup keeps me young and entertained by the little things. I swear, I will never tire of watching her perform her “doggie yoga” stretches and the funny way she eats her kibble like a cow chewing on cud. Absolute hilarity.

Of course, there are more things (both large and small) for which I’m thankful, but I most definitely do not take the above list for granted. Now to crank up some festive tunes while waltzing through the kitchen… Wish me luck that I don’t dig into the sweet potato pie before tomorrow!

ROAMING QUESTION: What are you thankful for this year?

Tasty Romance Tidbits

November 19, 2012

As much as I love reading, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of books to choose from. Do I dig into my mile-long TBR list? Check out a new title that’s been floating around the blogiverse? Or do I take a chance with an Amazon recommendation on my Kindle page? Ack! Needless to say, too many choices tends to drive a gal like me crazy. Enter Lunch Hour Love Stories, a site featuring short stories penned by popular romance authors that can be read — you guessed it — during your lunch hour.

Romance in an hour! A group of writer friends wanted to pen short romances perfect for lunch time, waiting rooms, or between soccer games. They invited more friends to join them, and Lunch Hour Love Stories was born.

Doesn’t that sound just yummy? Granted, you don’t technically have to devour these romantic tidbits over lunch, but the concept of getting my fill of HEAs and romance plots without the 200-page commitment makes my mouth water. The site is still fairly new, but there are already more than a dozen short-story morsels for you to choose from. What I like most about this idea is that all the stories are never-before published (no getting tricked into buying a re-release!) and also feature high-quality, professional-looking covers. As much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes (okay, often) judge a book by its cover, and if a title looks cheap (you all know the type) I will more than likely skip over it.

I’ve already scoped out which of these I’ll be trying first: Snow Job by Christie Ridgway. I’ve had a hankering for a holiday tale and for less than the price of a Starbucks Vanilla Latte, I can get my fill of holiday romance with room left over for dessert (or aforementioned latte)!